About this hair, yes this is the get rid of pigtails version of”chihuahua”, I made this because some people request in my site, but if you just delete the tails, the top side part will looks like second picture shows(I know someone on blog edit it like this,if you don’t mind bad detail, you can use that one)So I remake that part, that’s this hair.

By the way, I think“sleep alone”also a literary name, lol, seems some song is named that name, is this name like a joke?maybe——XD

I didn’t think my above words is rude and bitchy. If it made misunderstood and hurt someone, I’m sorry.

I post this just because some people have question why I release this one, that looks like I’m too lazy and did this one. I know there is many edit of my hairstyle, I can’t stop they editing, but if they can edit, why can’t me do it myself. The second picture is I did screenshot from my maya, just delete the tails, not other’s edit. I don’t know why I’m always treated as bad people, I open this blog just want to have communication with others, I don’t have energy fight with enemies.

Like Pegy and Rose, I will quit this community someday. But I will cherish this gaming and creating time.

虎摸,你口气太温柔了都被人说粗鲁这世界怎么了= =

Aha! Kaede Rukawa!

This set contains:

1 Default eyelash & teeth & anti EAliptexture file (work with Sasha)

Skin-“Fresh-Aisa” (All age, all gender, 2048 body map)

Skin-“Weak-Frekle” (Fix version,Teen-Elder, all gender, 1024 body map)

Skin-“Weak-Asia” (Fix version,all age,all gender, 1024 body map)

more pics and info:


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LOL, Sakuragi Hanamichi !

I removed chroma noise of the old skin “Weak-freckle”. I will upload this version  when I fix the skin “Weak-Asia”. 


I will upload the skin “Fresh Asia”…maybe this weekend.:p

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